Mountain Safari

Our 4 wheel drive vehicles will drive you to Jabel Harim “Mountain of women” (2087metres), the highest peak in musandam. This safari will give you an opportunity to enjoy the fantastic scenery of Musandam’s mountains & speckled with fossils dating back several million years. “Bait Al Sultan” and breathtaking view down in the wadis and foothills are amazing in this trip. The village of A’Saye located at 1100metres above sea level stands out as a cool, calm and quite beduin settlement.  This area also bears the name A’Sayh Plateau.  Just before reach the track to the golf-ball shaped radar station at the top of Jebal Harim there is a safe place to stop and enjoy the stunning views of overlooking the ravine.

The Rowdah village where one can see a pre-islamic graveyard is at half way near the check point.  On our return trip we get down off the ramps onto wadi Khasab and drive to Khawr A’Najd coastal area.  The moments there preserve you with a stunning view overlooking to Oman Gulf.  Then we will drive back to the main road to continue eastwards along wadi Sal A’la to see the natural semi wild park of acacia trees at Khalidiyah area. The ole gnarled trees create a canopy for a seasonal carpet of green grass and wild flowers making an unusually attractive area. The best time to enjoy being here at this location is during February and March.