The Best Things to See and Do in Musandam, Oman

Things to do in Khasab Musandam, Oman – Khasab Attractions. There are plenty of outdoor activities, food and points of interest to explore while you are in the city. The city is located close to United Arab Emirates and is popular among tourists from the nearly country as well as locals from other parts of Oman. Musandam is an Omani peninsula separated from the rest of the country by a piece of land from the UAE. Located in the northernmost point of Oman and surrounded by two gulfs; the Arabian and the Omani, the governorate has a lot of natural and architectural wonders. Here are the best things you can do and see in Musandam.

traditional omani dhow

Sail around the Musandam Fjords

As a coastal governorate, the locals of Musandam have built lots of traditional boats and dhows that they use for fishing, among other pursuits. More importantly, going for a boat ride with visitors and tourists is a must-do activity in Musandam. Going through the Musandam Fjords, visitors can enjoy watching dolphins and the sightseeing fjords, while we will provide refreshments like fresh fruits, soft drinks, tea & coffee, omani kahwa and dates. For Visitors and tourist the dhow will anchors for 1 hours to swimming and snorkeling in the crystal turquoise waters of Musandam and enjoy the refreshing weather.

dolphin watching

Watch Dolphins swimming and snorkeling around Musandam

Adventurous and amazing dhow cruise into Khasab  Musandam fjords and sightseeing.  Watching natural and wild dolphins in musandam fjords along the way to historical Telegraph Island. Visit to historical Telegraph Isalnd and Seebi islands that are the best place for swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear water

Mountain Safari To Jebal Harim and Khor Najd

Jebel Harim is the highest point in Musandam, which reaches 2,087-meters high above sea level. Jebel Harim means the Mountain of Women. It was called this because Omani women used to go up the mountain and hide when they feared they might get kidnapped by pirates, while their men were away on fishing trips. Visitors can go hiking or drive up the hill to enjoy the spectacular views from its top, as they watch the surrounding valleys and villages. They can also camp on the magnificent mountain. Musandam mountain safari to breath taking  and scenery  of Hajar Mountains, Jebel Al-Harim, Khor Najd and Bedouin village of Sayh. Be the part off road adventurous journey mountain safari to Jebel Harim, translated as the “Mountains of Women”. Along the way chance to enjoy fossils dating back several million years.

Overnight In Dhow

Musandam overnight Dhow cruise is the beat way to amuse your self with breath-taking beauty of “fjords of Musandam”. Get ready for explore underwater reefs and corals by snorkeing and swimming in traditional Omani dhow where u can see dolphins, where you can sit comfortably on cushions and carpets while feasting your eyes on the striking scenery of Musandam. Musandam Dhow Cruise to the fjords offers an adventure journey and  fantastic landscape. Musandam overnight Dhow cruise will anchor at various places including the famous Telegraph Island and Seebi Island where you can swim and snorkel in the crystal clear waters and also watch dolphins during on the way. Along the way Kayaking if u would like.

Unlimited refreshments on the board as well as traditional Omani Qawa, drinking water, tea and coffee. Traditional Omani lunch that may be include fried rice, fried chicken, salad. Live BBQ dinner that may be include chicken, grilled fish, fried rice, beef and salad. Breakfast that may be bread, boiled eggs, jam, yogurt, bottled juices, mineral water, coffee and tea. Fresh fruits (Apple, Banana Orange) all the time are offered in throughout Musandam overnight dhow cruise. All sleeping arrangements are as well as mattresses, blankets, cushions, bed sheets and pillows. Basic toilet and shower facility with water, hand wash, tissue papers and towels are available in dhow. Swimming and snorkeling gears life jackets, traditional fishing handlines and music system are available.

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