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Musandam Tour Packages

Full Day Dhow Cruise

Enjoy a remarkable Khasab Musandam Dhow Cruise, exploring stunning fjords, ancient villages, and spotting dolphins in "Norway of Arabia."

Half Day Dhow Cruise

Embark on a half-day Khasab Musandam Dhow Cruise to explore historical Telegraph Island, stunning fjords, and fishing villages, while enjoying dolphin watching, snorkeling, and onboard refreshments.

Mountain Safari

Experience a thrilling 4x4 Khasab Musandam Mountain Safari, exploring Jebel Harim, Hajar Mountains, Khor Najd, and Bedouin village of Sayh, while enjoying breathtaking views and historical fossils.

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Away from The Daily Hustle, Musandam Khasab dhow cruise Will Rejuvenate Your Tired Soul.

Dolphin Travel & Tourism, a professional company with 18 years of experience, offers various Khasab Tour Packages and vacation services in Musandam Khasab. They promote environmental conservation and responsible marine practices.


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