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About Us

The Dolphin Travel & Tourism is your gateway to unforgettable adventures. Since 2004, this passionate team has crafted personalized journeys that go beyond sightseeing. From exhilarating dhow cruises and serene snorkeling to cultural immersion tours, they cater to every explorer’s spirit. Committed to responsible tourism, they ensure minimal environmental impact while preserving Musandam’s magic for generations to come.


Storytellers of Musandam.

We ignite a passion for exploration by crafting unforgettable adventures that weave together the natural wonders, rich culture, and responsible travel practices in Musandam, Oman.


Shaping the future of sustainable travel in Musandam.

Briefly describe the future state The Dolphin Travel & Tourism aspires to achieve. For example: “To be the leading provider of personalized and sustainable travel experiences in Musandam, inspiring responsible exploration and cultural appreciation.

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